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NEDIS Connect


This document describes the field definition and general implementation procedure regarding the Nedis Connect services that are currently available and divided into 4 main services being;

  1. Article Data
  2. Real Time Request
  3. Electronic Order
  4. Dispatch Advice

Caused by the strong development of the e-Business possibilities and infrastructure at Nedis, this document will be subject to change. Please check back regularly to see if updates are available.


NEDIS E-commerce team (

How to get access to Nedis Connect?

The following steps are needed to be taken to get access to the service:

  1. You can create a Service Request in the Nedis webshop and request access to the Nedis Connect Services. Or you can contact your local sales representative or account manager at Nedis
  2. Upon receiving your request we will check if you are eligible for the service
  3. When accepted, a service agreement will be sent, for you to sign
  4. This agreement has to be signed and send back to Nedis in order to proceed
  5. When everything is in order, services are activated as requested
  6. You’ll receive your personal details regarding service access

Service Costs

The Nedis Connect services are currently free of charge. However, Nedis continuously checks your turnover and order behaviour. If this is below our expectations, which is to be decided by Nedis, Nedis can stop offering Nedis Connect services without any obligation or previous notification.