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Version control

Date Version Change Author(s)
2009 - 2012 0.1 - 1.75 Initial Versions Henk Beukers
February 2013 2.0 Updated contents, Simplified, reviewed and rewritten documentation, Now available as a single file B.N. Vervoort
February 2015 2.1 Udated eOrder specifications => added EnduserRef, purged old Realtime request data, link to new manual B.N. Vervoort
December 2015 2.2 New password Extra file FTP location P. Kense
April 2017 2.3 Added information about the Variant file Pieter van Haren
May 2017 2.4 Changed information about Property Translations XML, add new NEDIS connect logo’s Pieter van Haren
December 2018 2.5 Switched to online documentation format Pieter van Haren